Saturday, November 19, 2016

Get rid of the junk!!!

I grew up in a house that was not at all organized.  There were some rooms that were just “junk” rooms and became the catch all for anything that needed to be moved out of a main room or no longer had a use in the house but my parents couldn’t stand to part with the item.  We also had a lot of “junk” drawers that were full of things that needed to be put away but they didn’t have a normal place to go so it was thrown into that drawer.  When I got married, I decided that I didn’t want my house to be that way.  I wanted everything to have a place that is belongs or it needed to be given away.  I wanted others to be able to come to my house and walk into any room and not feel ashamed for the mountain of stuff that didn’t have a place to go.  My house is far from being always clean but I do know that I can tell my boys to clean a room and they know exactly where every item goes.  I am also a fan of using bins for organization.  My kids can open up the cupboard with the school supplies and pull out any item that they need.  They can grab the container for crayons, grab a pencil out of the pencil box, or grab an eraser from its container.  I don’t have a drawer just full of junk.  Everything has a place and when I open up a drawer that might have a few different items in it, they are marked and placed together.  I like walking into a space in my house and not feeling overwhelmed by the amount of stuff that always accumulates as we go through life.  We have lived in some small spaces.  Sometimes it can be hard to give everything a designated place.  That is when I use some tricky organization skills or just take a look at what I have and see if I really need it or if it is just taking up space.  I really feel like it helps a house to feel more like a home when there are not piles of stuff taking over.  I know that I probably am giving my kids a complex and now they will become hoarders when they are adults but we all have to scar our children in some way, right?

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